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Annoying Internet Words

I found this originally at a site called Slashdot and found it interesting. A British Polling company conducted a poll on what people thought were the most annoying words that have come out of the internet era. Topping the list was folksonomy, which I for on had never even heard of. There are, in my mind, more annoying words and jargon from the internet era, such as all the abbreviations that not everyone knows. I find nothing more annoying then having to ask someone in a forum what they were saying because they used an abbreviation that nobody knows. Another word that made the list was blook, which apparently is a book written from or based on a blog. Then there are the words people but together, for what ever reason. Netiquette is an example of this and should never been created, because etiquette is etiquette, whether it is on the internet or not. I had not heard of blook or netiquette before I read this list, which makes me wonder if people were just asked to rank ten that were already listed or if it’s a British thing.

Also making the list was cookie. How can cookie make this list? I want to know how a word can be annoying when it’s there is no other way to refer to it? Anyway, I am going to, for the first time, openly ask for comments from all you readers. I would like all of you out in blogosphere (also on the list) to tell me what internet related words or phrases annoy you.

First Post

Well, here you go.

The first post of many (if my ADD doesn’t kick in and I leave this in a week). I will be blogging about the happenings in my life and in the world. Some things you will probably see regularly are my happenings at work, my activities in amateur (ham) radio, and my learning of Linux. I will also post about my family and friends, and when I can’t think of anything, I might post some stories from the many odd jobs I have held in my relatively short life. But, this is supposed to be my first post, not what my blog will be about, so here it is.

I was listening to Maxim Radio on Sirius on my way home from work and they were talking about Paris Hilton and her jail time. For those of you who have have been living under a rock for the past week, you need to watch the news more. Any way, the saga continued today as she was pulled back into the court room. I was actually disappointed that she got the 45 days behind bars, and no, I don’t think she should have gotten out of it either. If I had been the judge, the first thing I would have done was found the Sheriff in contempt and thrown him behind bars, even if it was just for a few hours. The Sheriff had no right to go over the judges head and put Hilton under house arrest for “unstable mental status.” Is he a shrink now?? I know the Sheriff is an elected position and he has to look good for all the rich and famous folks out there in LA, but he overstepped his bounds.

And on to Hilton; She should have been placed in the prisons mental ward if she was having mental instability, not house arrest. If she was truly mentally unstable, wouldn’t putting her on house arrest pose a huge liability to the county? Anyways, that’s my two cents on the matter, not that it makes a difference in the whole scheme of life…