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“If a door is closed, karate chop it open”

So, using StumbleUpon, I came across this site which does a great job in explaining all of the Homeland Security warning pictures. My favorite, “If your intended destination is suddenly vaporized, consider pulling over and watching the cool light show.”

1,2,3,4…6 AND 7???

Check out this from the National Weather Service.

Statewide Tornado Drills Tuesday March 4 and Wednesday March 6

Tuesday March 4 at 1000 AM CST a test tornado warning will be issued for all Illinois counties. Wednesday March 7 at 937 AM CST (1037 AM EST) a test tornado warning will be issued for all Indiana Counties. A second Indiana test will occur at 607 PM CST (707 PM EST). Many location in Illinois will also test sirens on Tuesday morning.

Notice in the heading, it’s “Tuesday March 4 and Wednesday March 6,” skipping the 5th are we? Then in the text, Wednesday becomes the 7th, so now we are skipping two days?? I guess we are making up for Leap year this year.

Funny Google search term

Factoid:  “cops cross dressing truck driver” as a Google search term returns my blog.  Where in the list, I’m not quite sure (searched the first 15 pages and didn’t find it).

Wii Customer Service

So, since my wife and I got the Wii for Christmas, we haven’t had any major problems. Now, I don’t normaly link to another blog with out some of my own comentary, but I couldn’t beleve this when I read it.


Calling all Bloggers!!!!!

Calling all bloggers!!! I am looking for new blogs to read, an I think that anyone who reads my blog may have a blog that interests me. Please leave your site in the comments and I will come check it out!! Thanks. If you don’t want to leave your site in the comment, kick me and email at mwilsonemt [at] gmail [dot] com.

Gusty Goblin

Ubuntu 7.10 beta is here!! Code named Gusty Goblin, the new release has me excited (I love new software). I will be trying some of the live CD’s this weekend, I hope. I have wanted to try out Kbuntu, Xbuntu and Edbuntu for some time now, and I think this will be my incentive to try them. Look for my review early next week!!

Harry Potter

Well, I have finally finished the last book in the amazing Harry Potter series.  I must say that they were some of the best written books I have read.  I must now start looking towards educational reading of sorts.  I plan on going back to school next month for Digital Forensics and know very little about programing.  Hopefully I will have more time to write now, at least until classes start.

Harry Potter

So, as many of you might have noticed, I have been very inconsistent with my posts lately. You can blame Nick’s wife for that one. She lent me the first four Harry Potter books and I have been engrossed in them ever since. I have finished the first four, but I should be picking up the last three either tonight or tomorrow. So, I give it another 3-4 weeks before I start posting regularly again. It doesn’t help that I haven’t had much to write about either. I would apologize, but hey, it’s my blog, so deal with it.

Quick link, thanks to Stumble.

I was using the Firefox plug in Stumble and came across this great website. Play around with it a little, it’s great!!

It’s been too long

I apologize that I haven’t written a post in a few days.  Life has been keeping me busy.  I should have a regular post and the second instalment of the Security Tip of the Week tomorrow!!