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I Took the Plunge

It’s official.  On Sunday, I took the plunge into my walk with Christ when I was baptized.  My pastor, who thinks outside the box quite a bit, decided to hold the baptismal service at the local pool.  Myself and three other people publicly showed our faith in God as we were dunked by our pastor.  I accepted Christ into my life six years ago now, and it feels great tofinally be baptized.

Small Church, BIG Family

One of the things that I love about going to a small church is the way you feel like you are part of a large family. When I went to a larger church, I felt like I got mixed in with the crowd. But where I go to church now, I couldn’t get lost in the crowd if I tried. My church has about 50 members and another 25 non-members who regularly attend services. My wife and I are going through a small family crisis, and it was great to see how my church reacted. Nick and his wife asked us if they could make dinner for us and play some cards to help us take our minds off of our problems for a while. Unfortunately, we had to decline, but the gesture was still there. When we informed the whole church of what was going on, we had three or four people who told us if we needed anything, we should let them know and they would try and help us out. Immediately after the service, quite a few of the ladies took my wife aside (she’s having a harder time than I am right now) and talked to her and prayed with her. In bigger churches that I have been to, there was never that closeness. There was never a time during the church service where you could address the church with something that was on your mind. It was just very…corporate. I guess the best way I could compare it would be the difference between your small time, “mom and pop” type business compared to the big corporation, where if you had a problem, you would have to sit on hold for ever with “corporate” before any would would get to you, and even then, you kind of get shoved off. What are your thoughts. When your looking at a church you may go to, would you rather go to a large Mega-Church, or the small church on the corner? Why would chose which ever you would? Leave it in the comments below.