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Yet another BlackBerry outage

A little history to my problem.  I just updated my phone plan to Sprint/Nextel’s Simply every thing plan that literally gives me unlimited everything on my phone for $5 more a month than what I’m paying now.  I did this yesterday and was told everything should be up and running by 6pm local time.  Well, 6 came and went and I still didn’t have data service.  I contacted Customer Service today and spent over an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with them.  They were great and wanted to get to the bottom of the problem.  We tried re-setting the radio, re-booting the phone, re-setting the phone, and re-configuring the ip settings.  Nothing worked.  They said everything looked set up correctly on their side as well.  Finaly an answer.  Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind Black Berry, had a nation wide server outage.  It was masked behind everything else.  The only funny thing is that NO ONE has reported this any where on the internet.  I hear about outages all the time, and none of them ever seem to affect me, but I have heard nothing about this one.  Oh well, I’ll probably end up spending more time on the phone with Sprint on Monday.

Opera Mini Beta 2 release

I downloaded Opera Mini 4’s second Beta release. There are some neat things that are working great. On top of all the features that were in the first Beta release, they now have a customizable search page, where you can add search fields from all over the web onto one page (all of which you can access just by pressing #9). One of the features I was looking forward to trying, the land scape mode, is not available for BlackBerries. This disappointed be, but I may soon find it in the third Beta release, we shall have to wait and see. On an upside, the Opera Mini team was able to incorporate the normal selection and back buttons on the BlackBerry, so I no longer have to use my qw and op keys. Anyways, after I play around with it some more, I will have another post for you. I have to get off to work though (doh!).

Berry 411

My crackberry addiction just got worse today. I updated Beyond411 to it’s newest version (also changing the name to Berry411. Berry411 now uses my phone’s GPS to find where I am, so I don’t even have to enter my location anymore. This makes it much easier when I’m driving (stoplights are only so long). Berry411 is a free down load and brings together,, Google, and over 200 other plug-ins that are easy to add. I don’t believe Beyond411 is available for other phones, but if you have a BlackBerry, it is a must add piece of software.

On a side note, I also grabbed some wallpaper from Ben Grey’s web site. Being an Umbuntu user, I realy loved the Umbuntu and Linux teamed wallpapers. I need to re-size some of them though, because BlackBerry’s have a larger resolution. Oh well, an other little side project for me.

Opera Mini Update

So I have been using Opera Mini for about two weeks now. I have few complaints about it. The only major complaint, which may be with my cell provider and not Opera, is that they have 9 different network setups. When the user prompts it to, Opera Mini does an auto optimization test, but I’m not quite sure what that does. For whatever reason, when I’m at work, I have to run this test up to 4 times a day. This will happen when I move from the south end of the building to the north end. I have a feeling that I am between two towers, but I don’t know why I have to keep running this test. If I don’t, the browser will be extremely slow, and sometimes won’t load pages at all, but as soon as I run the test, I’m off and running like normal. But hey, a minor inconvenience for a great piece of FREE software.


Hi, my name is Mike and I’m addicted to my BlackBerry.

I now know how the imfomas phone got it’s nickname. I have had my BlackBerry for about 3 months now and have grown more and more addicted to it. When I got it, I wanted a smart phone so I would be able to check my e-mail at work and do minor web searches. I now am searching the entire internet, get my RSS feeds via my Opera Mini Web Browser (see my last post), get turn by turn directions from Google Maps, and have increased the amount I e-mail. I also am able to IM my wife and friends while I’m at work or out with Ramble. I have never had a problem with the battery life on any phone I have ever owned, but with in the last week or two, I have noticed that my battery is in the red by the time I toss it on the charger at the end of the night. I use my phone all the time now and have noticed I have become much more productive in my life.

I have to admit I have a problem, though. I have found my self checking e-mails durring in-appropriate times and checking info on the web when I should be listening to some one. I have checked the weather while driving and almost caused an accident, and have ignored my wife while she drove and I was checking my RSS feeds. I must stop my cell phone insanity!!

The constat good vs. evil war that is waged here on earth has surfaced again.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini 4.0 Beta was officially released today. Many of you are probably wondering what Opera Mini is. Opera Mini is a great little (no pun intended) web browser developed for cell phones. Even most smart phones lack in terms of a decent web browser, and Opera Mini is a free, open source fix to that problem. I recommend Opera Mini to every one who has a web accessible phone as it is a fully packed web browser that will take any website and reformat it to fit you phone, while still keeping many of the attributes of the original page that you loose in a standard phone browser. If any one is looking to download Opera Mini, do yourself a favor and start with the older version (3.1 I think) as the new one is only a beta version and 1. doesn’t have all the features the completed version has yet, 2. may have some bugs that need to be worked out. don’t let that stuff make you run away completely though, as that is a normal step in any software release. I have been using Opera Mini 3.1 for about 3 months and love the book mark short cuts and the RSS reader that is built in. It is also very ease to navigate, considering it is on a phone. The little bit of 4.o that I got to play around with today shows that it has potential. one feature lets you see a thumbnail of the page and zoom in directly to the part of the page that you want to go to. I am still keeping the old version on my phone for now though, as 4.0 doesn’t have a RSS feeder YET (the programmers have already stated that will be in the final release, along with many other missing features) and may not work perfectly with some sites, as it will inevitably have some bugs (even though some programmers think they are God, no one is perfect). I challenge all of you who are able to get online with your phone to down load Opera Mini and take it for a test drive. What’s the worst that could happen, you delete it from your phone in a week. On the flip side, you may make your phone a better tool for you to use in this new, technological world that we live in.