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The Simpson’s Movie

I have not been so excited to see a TV to Big Screen Movie as I am for the Simpson’s.  I have grown up with the Simpson’s on TV.  I remember when the phrase “Eat my shorts, man,” was heard all over the play ground during recess.  Even when I went away to collage, my fraternity brothers and I would sit down to watch the 5:30 episode, eat dinner at 6, then watch the 6:30 episode every day.

The Simpson’s are following the recent release of the Transformers, which did fairly well in the box offices, although I have not seen it yet.

I was wondering if there were any other shows you grew up with that you would want to see as a movie? Do you have any ideas for plot lines?

Comcast chanel swap??

Lacey and I were having problems with our comcast cable box.  Cirten channels would flicker in and out as you were trying to watch them.  We gave their costomer service a call, and I was politly told that we could probably fix that problem with a new cable box.  So, I unhoooked the box and brought it over to one of there bill payment centers where you can change out the box.  I was told on the phone that I would probably be given a new box which is small and didn’t have the digital read out or any bottons on it.  Instead, the box we got looked like it was older than the one we had brought in.  “what ever,” I thought.  I just wanted it to work right.  So, we get it home, and I hook it up.  I wanted to see what was on Discovey (one of my favorit channels, I’m such a dork!!), so I flipped to chanel 43.  Low and behold, 43 is no longer Discovery.  Infact, most of our channels, outside of the local channels, were all different than they were before.  I could probably get over this and just learn the new line up, but our anolog cable in the other room didn’t change.  So know I have to learn a new channel line up and remember the old one.  This is going to become a huge pain, and I will inevitably end up writing a table with both line ups for my phone that I can referance.  May be I should just bring this box back??  I just want to be able to watch the few shows I like to watch.