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Jury Duty

Tomorrow  I have to do my civic duty to society and do my jury time.  The only good news is that I will be able to bring my laptop and they have wifi access, so I should be able to catch up on some blogs and write a few posts I have had in mind to write.

Gusty Goblin

Ubuntu 7.10 beta is here!! Code named Gusty Goblin, the new release has me excited (I love new software). I will be trying some of the live CD’s this weekend, I hope. I have wanted to try out Kbuntu, Xbuntu and Edbuntu for some time now, and I think this will be my incentive to try them. Look for my review early next week!!

Harry Potter

Well, I have finally finished the last book in the amazing Harry Potter series.  I must say that they were some of the best written books I have read.  I must now start looking towards educational reading of sorts.  I plan on going back to school next month for Digital Forensics and know very little about programing.  Hopefully I will have more time to write now, at least until classes start.

Unveiling the Desktop (Meme)

Desktop picI got tagged for another Meme by Nick. It’s funny that he tagged me with this, as I was about to post a screen shot of my desktop anyways to show off some eye candy. As you can see, I’m not much for files on my desktop, but I wouldn’t say I currently have a “clean” desktop. Unlike the last 4 people in the tag line, I do not have a Mac, but run Ubuntu Linux. I have installed gDesklets which is running the launcher across the top and the all of the desklets along the left and the weather across the bottom of my desktop.
Now, a question for any Ubuntu users out there: Is there a way to ether a) get different backgrounds when using multiple desktops or b) have rotating images. I have both of these options on my Suse desktop, but I like Ubuntu better on my laptop.
My last order of business is to tag someone else, but my problem is the only blogger that I know that regularly reads my site is the person who tagged me. So, If you are reading this and have your own blog, please leave a comment and let me know that you.

Gun Control, or Disarming Americans

So, this was a topic that I planned on staying away from for a while because I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the opposition that I may get.  As I got thrown into that with my last post, I might as well get opposition for what I wrote, not what some nut decided was relevant.

 I am very pro gun.  Unfortunately, I live in one of the few states in the contrary where I do not have the right to carry a fire arm.  I am referring to conceal carry licenses.  My personal thought on the subject is that by not allowing citizens (when properly licenced) from arming themselves, you make it much easier for criminals.  If you were an ice salesman, where would you have a better business, in the arctic where ice is everywhere, or in the Caribbean where ice is sparse?  Criminals think the same way; they would be much more likely to commit a violent crime where it is illegal to own/carry a fire arm (oh, wait.  If they are a criminal, they will probably not care and have a gun anyways) than somewhere that any law abiding citizen my have a conceal carry licence and my be carrying.  What are your thoughts on the subject?  Let the comments fly in…

Patriot Day

Patriot DayToday is Patriot Day in honor of all of the public safety personnel who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, especially those on September 11th, 2001. Like everyone else in America, I remember the moment I found out like it was yesterday. I was away at collage at the time. During the beginning of the attack, I was in a Chemistry lecture, and when I arrived at my Art Appreciation class, the teacher made the announcement that planes had crashed into the twin towers and the Pentagon. She then had the audacity to state “While other teachers have chosen to cancel their class, I have chosen to go ahead as planed,” at which point almost 75% of the class, including myself, got up and left the lecture hall. For the first few hours, I kept thinking that it was all some sort of bad dream, that I would wake up and everything would go back to normal. I never did awake from that “dream” and finally came to the realization that the world had changed forever.

Every other blog I have looked at has asked where you were, but my question is how do you plan to remember that dreadful day. I will be taking part in my county’s annual ceremony today, in my dress uniform (oh, how I hate wearing the hat and tie!!), at the county’s Fire and Police Memorial.

The Bears: Week One

If this week was anything like what we are going to see from the Bears the rest of this year, Chicagoans are in for a ruff time.  We lost Brown, again, for most, if not all, of the season with a “serious left knee injury.”  Rex’s fumble-itis from the last week of pre-season was passed on to the running backs, and when they could hold on to the ball, they couldn’t get the yards they needed.  And the worst part of it, even the Lions are ahead of the Bears.  Lest just hope that next week is better.

iGoogle tabs: what’s too many

I have been using iGoogle as a start page on and off for quite a while. I stop using it once in a while when I have a slightly modified classic Google as my start page.  On my iGoogle page, I currently have 5 pages.  I was wondering, is that too many, or do you think that’s fine?  I have them organized fairly well. I have one tab that has my e-mail, the weather and a few other searches.  My second tab is all news.  I have a tab for just Linux related feeds.  I also have one tilted “Geek” because it’s all my other technology and software feeds.  My last tab has all of my recently added feeds.  I keep these under their own tab and give them probationary period of sorts and see if I really like them.  I have also been thinking about adding a tab of some of the blogs that I have in my reader, but might fit in my life better on my home page.  So my question to all of you is at what point do tabs become pointless on a home page?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

I Took the Plunge

It’s official.  On Sunday, I took the plunge into my walk with Christ when I was baptized.  My pastor, who thinks outside the box quite a bit, decided to hold the baptismal service at the local pool.  Myself and three other people publicly showed our faith in God as we were dunked by our pastor.  I accepted Christ into my life six years ago now, and it feels great tofinally be baptized.