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City Life vs. Small Town Life

So I’m spending the weekend out at my dad’s condo in Indiana. It’s in a very small town with only two traffic lights. I didn’t realize until this weekend how different life is in a town this small. For one, their entire police force is smaller than a single shift in the suburbs of a big city. The population of the town doubles on the weekends in the summer due to all the people that come and use the lake. I think everyone in town know each other.

The town had it’s annual Mermaid Festival this weekend, and it was weird watching all the townies walk around. They are definitely a lot more laid back then the people who were in from larger towns and cities. There was a lot more common courtesy as we walked around then you would see in the city. As we walked by people, some of them would look and you and say hello, even though they didn’t know you at all.

The weirdest thing of all, though, is the fact that the gas stations and the drug stores (CVS) were closed by 10 pm. Now, I know some gas stations and drug stores in urban areas are closed, but if you need something late a night, there is normally one open within 10-15 minutes from where you are. My dad sent me into town to grab gas for the boat and something from the drug store, and neither of us realised what time it was. When I came back empty handed, he started ranting on how he couldn’t believe the gas station and drug store weren’t 24 hours (my dad is kinda stubborn like that).

I wish I could take the convenience of city life and mix it with the laid back, friendly attitude of country life and Mikeatopia!! So, as me with as the new mayor and supreme ruler of Mikeatopia, I want to know what everyone else would like to see in my newly formed settlement.