NIU, CBS2, and the Gun Control Debate

I want to start off by giving my condolences to the victims, family and friends of the victims of the NIU massacre. My heart goes out to you.

Chicago’s CBS 2 covered the story and interviewed a student who thought the incident would have been a lot less bloody if students and teachers could have armed themselves. They then cut over to Chicago’s Mayor, Richard M. Daily, who said this incident just shows that we need more gun control in this country. Richard M. Daily, YOU. ARE. A. IDIOT. You can not admit when something you push for so much isn’t working.

CBS2 was taking comments from viewers on this issue.  I was very happy to see that so many people in Illinois, one of only two states with no conceal carry laws, want to have the right to arm themselves in public to protect themselves, their families, and others.  Many people who were against it didn’t do their research.  One of the most common comments for gun control was that the people who were carrying in other stats were untrained.  Most states that have conceal carry weapons (CCW) permits require permit holders to go through training including both class room and range time.  This class room time includes firearms safety, legal considerations, and use of force training.

When you take away the right of law abiding citizens to carry fire arms, you take away their right to protect themselves and their families.  What are your thoughts about this.  Please leave them in the comments below.

7 Responses to “NIU, CBS2, and the Gun Control Debate”

  1. 1 nick 02.16.08 at 11:44

    I am right there on your side, and to those who say the amendment was only there to protect yourselves from the gov. if they go corrupt, well I still want that right… just in case Hillary is elected. 🙂

  2. 2 mwilsonemt 02.18.08 at 11:36

    Right on!!

  3. 3 mr me 03.02.08 at 20:03

    And how could you be sure that it would be less bloody if we could arm ourselves. The kid ended up killing himself so obviously he had a death wish. Other people shooting at him probably would have not helped the situation because in the panic and with people running all over trying to get away, do you think more people could have been shot? stray bullets kill a lot of people all the time. You do not always hit your target. ARMING EVERYBODY IS NOT THE ANSWER!

  4. 4 mwilsonemt 03.04.08 at 17:51

    Most people who are willing to 1) invest in a tool and 2) invest in a license to use that tool when ever they need to will more than likely spend the time and effort to use it to the best of their ability. Look at any contractor. Any one can own a hammer and nails, but if a contractor didn’t learn how to be accurate and well trained with that hammer, he will have a lot of broken fingers and lawsuits when his projects fall down. He will probably also lose his contractor’s license.

  5. 5 Nick 04.16.08 at 20:29

    The kid ended up killing himself so obviously he had a death wish

    He may have not had the chance to kill as many people as he did.

  6. 6 Jack Burton 06.06.08 at 15:43

    Always remember that the true weapon is found right between your ears… if you are willing to do what is necessary to survive any attack. Tools are just tools, whether a baseball bat or Glock (although handguns do make a pretty nifty tool when you need one)

    You are welcome to browse what I have to say about CCW and carry.

  7. 7 LouiseMyers 09.27.10 at 22:29

    mr me, you need to get a clue.

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