New Computer

So, after doing a little research and money moving, I ended up getting a new laptop after the milk incident last week.  The wife and I picked up an acer for 499.  Not too bad for a AMD dual core processor and 2 gigs of ram.  I’ve been busy getting the crap off and putting on the programs that I need.  My only problem, the speed of Microsoft.  I’m currently downloading a Service Pack for Visual Studio 2005 at a ice burg pace of 88KB.  Time till down load is still over an hour…  Why can’t the biggest software company in the world with the richest CEO in the US get a little more bandwidth???

Still have a few more updates to get before VS will be 100% compatible with Vista (how I loath Vista’s compatiblility).   I was wondering who has used Vista and what their thoughts or problems were.  After having used if for a week, I will post my thoughts.

2 Responses to “New Computer”

  1. 1 mr me 03.02.08 at 20:05

    VISTA BLOWS! The worst version Microsoft has ever come out with. My company, and I know of a few others, “upgrade” back to XP when we get new computers.

  1. 1 speed booster Trackback on 03.06.15 at 23:54

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