What happened to the Internet???

I was having some strange problems with my local ISP last night. Many websites I went to did not load. Some would load a login page, but when I tried to get past there, I couldn’t. Google wouldn’t load, but 9 rules would. I play an online game called Triabal Wars. I could get their login page, but when I tried to log into the game, only the ad on the right side of the page would load. I had been messing with programs that “optimize” the Windows registry, and thought that could have been my problem, although that didn’t make sense. So, I tried both my desktops, and they were also having the same problem (one Linux, one windows). I talked to Nick, who lives in same apartment complex, and he said he was having problems loading gMail. “OK,” I thought, “So it’s not a problem at my end.” So, I gave up on surfing the web for the night and kicked back with Guitar Hero instead. I’ll have to check if good old Comcast has fixed the problem by the time I get home.

4 Responses to “What happened to the Internet???”

  1. 1 nick 01.23.08 at 07:59

    dude, it works just fine now. It kicked back up around 11:00pm last night, at least that was the next time I checked it.

  2. 2 mwilsonemt 01.23.08 at 14:08

    It’s working again today. That was strange last night.

  3. 3 ARNOBIE 01.31.08 at 13:43

    I still having this problem for 2 days…

    They said, there is one cable in the mediterrinarian sea has been cut, and made the network complicated as their links has been distabelized..

    Is that really the problem?

  4. 4 mwilsonemt 02.01.08 at 07:51

    I’m not sure. It’s scary how one little cable could affect things so much.

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