I’m hopping this comes to the Wii soon

A guy by the name of Johnny Lee came up with some great software that I can’t wait to see in games. In the video, he explains how, using a Wii remote conected to his PC and either the Wii sensor bar or glasses he modified with IR LED’s, he can simulate 3D movement. Check out the video. What types of games would you like to see with this technology. Tell me in the comments.

2 Responses to “I’m hopping this comes to the Wii soon”

  1. 1 Sarah 01.11.08 at 09:46

    wow, that’s amazing..I don’t know why they haven’t used it already!!! That’s the kinds of things I can’t wait to program. I think FPS’s would be awesome with that, cuz then you could see around corners..ask Drew, I always move my head when I’m playin cod4 cuz i try to do just that lol…sports games would be easier with somethin like that too…

  2. 2 nick 01.12.08 at 19:45

    that is so cool! That’s all I can say.

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