I hate Windows

If you haven’t come to realize it from any of my previous posts, I am not a windows fan. For Christmas, I received a KVM switch so I can run both my Linux box and my wife’s (and when I’m forced to use windows) PC. I also used all of my BestBuy gift cards to get a 19″ wide screen monitor by LG. I had some minor problems getting it set up on Ubuntu, having to change some configure files to get the 1440×900 resolution that the monitor likes best. It was running well within 30 minutes. The Windows PC on the other hand was the monitor upgrade from hell. It initially worked OK, but wouldn’t display in the proper resolution. I tried loading the optimization software that came with the monitor and it prompted me to re-boot. Upon rebooting, upon rebooting, I received a nice little notice that windows was booting in to low resolution, low color mode. The graphics card was only displaying 8 bit color and a resolution about half the size of what the monitor was meant to run. So, everything was huge and only displayed in 16 colors. After an hour and a half of working on it and too many reboots to keep track of, Windows would no longer boot. “Time to format and reinstall, their goes most of tomorrow” I thought. I continued to have problems, like having the wrong key code for the SP version I was installing (I realized I have too many windows disks from over the years). It’s now all up and running. And the monitor looks great!!

5 Responses to “I hate Windows”

  1. 1 mozey 01.02.08 at 11:39

    LOL, word up hommes. hey, it seems that you would agree with me on my definition of microsoft.

  2. 2 sumatraindonesia.co.cc 01.02.08 at 12:39

    LOL.. but everybody use that

  3. 3 Lacey 01.02.08 at 14:38

    Windows isnt that bad….You said just the other day you liked some more of windows then u thought…so there! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for getting it all set up for me though!

  4. 4 nick 01.02.08 at 16:55

    ahem, windows sucks, ahem. The monitor sounds sweet I can’t wait to see it!

  5. 5 mwilsonemt 01.02.08 at 21:34

    I must say, the fresh install of Windows is running nicely, well, as nicely as any Microsoft program can.

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