All Brand New and Shiny

I got my first new car today.  I’m talking Brand-Spanking-New.  It’s a silver 2008 Chevy Cobalt.  It’s stick and has power nothing, but it’s mine and I already love it, although I do miss my old car (when it worked).

On a side note, I haven’t been writing much, as you can see.  I have been putting in extra hours at my part time job and haven’t had much free time at all.  If anyone has a time shifter, I would love it…


5 Responses to “All Brand New and Shiny”

  1. 1 nick 10.16.07 at 21:04

    Where’s the pictures?!

  2. 2 mwilsonemt 10.17.07 at 02:24

    It was too dark when I got home, I’ll try and get some up today or tomorrow.

  3. 3 nick 10.17.07 at 05:07

    Thats what flashlights are for 🙂

  4. 4 mwilsonemt 10.17.07 at 18:51

    And then it had to rain….Pictures soon, I hope.

  5. 5 Lacey 10.22.07 at 23:55

    you say i???? do you mean WE got a new car? ha ha! Im glad we bought it! if makes you happy and thats what matters……..and i dont have to drive your butt to work. thank goodness

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