Gun Control, or Disarming Americans

So, this was a topic that I planned on staying away from for a while because I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the opposition that I may get.  As I got thrown into that with my last post, I might as well get opposition for what I wrote, not what some nut decided was relevant.

 I am very pro gun.  Unfortunately, I live in one of the few states in the contrary where I do not have the right to carry a fire arm.  I am referring to conceal carry licenses.  My personal thought on the subject is that by not allowing citizens (when properly licenced) from arming themselves, you make it much easier for criminals.  If you were an ice salesman, where would you have a better business, in the arctic where ice is everywhere, or in the Caribbean where ice is sparse?  Criminals think the same way; they would be much more likely to commit a violent crime where it is illegal to own/carry a fire arm (oh, wait.  If they are a criminal, they will probably not care and have a gun anyways) than somewhere that any law abiding citizen my have a conceal carry licence and my be carrying.  What are your thoughts on the subject?  Let the comments fly in…

5 Responses to “Gun Control, or Disarming Americans”

  1. 1 nick 09.18.07 at 18:44

    Well, you and I are pretty much on the same page here, I agree with you 100%. Statistics show that Areas with “less gun control” laws have lower crime rates so there you go.

  2. 2 nick 09.18.07 at 18:46

    And besides I want to be ready when those crazy libs elect some nut job that is going to turn this place into a commie nation 🙂

  3. 3 mr me 09.18.07 at 20:35

    Legal or illigeal, it doesnt really matter. If you have it on you and there is a chance that you will use it. In the heat of the moment anything can happen. By carrying a gun you are putting yourself at risk of doing something you might regret.

  4. 4 nick 09.19.07 at 04:55

    Mr Me, I see what you are saying and I am not saying that is not true, however can’t the same be said for a steak knife or your own hands for that matter? Like I said you make a very real point, in the heat of the moment anything can happen.

  5. 5 mwilsonemt 09.19.07 at 12:45

    Mr Me: With proper gun safety classes, which most states with conceal carry permits require, you should learn how not to put your self at risk. One of my favorite quotes regarding safety with your own gun is “One day you my be killed by your own gun; you better make sure that your killer has to beat you with it because your out of ammo.”

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