I have to apologize to everyone for not posting in a while. I have been way too busy the past few weeks and went camping this weekend.

Camping was great, though. We went with my wife’s father and his wife’s family. While we were sleeping though, a bad thunderstorm came through and woke every one. My father-in-law had decided not to put his rain fly on his tent. No sooner did the rain start then we started hearing him, his wife, and his step-son running around the tent in mass confusion, trying to get their rain fly up at 3 in the morning in a torrential down. I checked the National Weather Service web site from my cell phone, and found out that there were 60 MPH winds during the storm.

My Father-in-law being caught in the rain reminded me of when I was in scouts and my troop had to set up camp in the poring rain. We finally got the tents set up and went to bed. In the middle of the night, the tent started to flood and then collapsed on 6 young scouts!!

I was wondering what was the worst any one has ever been stuck out in the rain? Leave it in the comments. The winner will be sent a state of the art umbrella!! Ok, maybe not, but you will win our respect.


2 Responses to “Camping”

  1. 1 nick 08.13.07 at 07:27

    Man, I know exactly what you are talking about. It was an undeniable truth that whenever Troop 51 went on a camp out it would rain that night. Man setting up tents in the rain was the worst.

  2. 2 mwilsonemt 08.13.07 at 16:52

    Man, I forgot you were a troop 51 guy….

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