Customizing Firefox

FirefoxAlthough this weekend was very busy, I did get to play around with my Firefox. I knew there were a bunch of plug-ins and extensions, but I never got to play around with many of them, and I just discovered all the themes. All of their add-ons can be found on the Firefox web site. Most Firefox users have herd of Greasemonkey which lets users alter the Java programing or upload other’s User Scrips. I also found Stylish, which lets you do the same thing as Greasemonkey, only for CSS instead of. Now, I won’t tell you how, but, but with a few of the above mentioned add-ons, I was able to get my Firefox to look like the screen shot I posted. What are your favorite Firefox add-ons. I have a few others, but I’m going to save those for later posts.

8 Responses to “Customizing Firefox”

  1. 1 nick 07.30.07 at 08:25

    Dude, that looks so cool, I’m going o go play around with it.

  2. 2 mwilsonemt 07.30.07 at 12:43

    Be prepared to spend a few hours on it. It’s really easy, but there are a lot of choices.

  3. 3 nick 08.01.07 at 14:52

    A few hours days later I have settled.

  4. 4 mwilsonemt 08.01.07 at 20:09

    Told ya, and when you check back in about a week, you’ll see something you missed and want to add that, too. Just wait.

  5. 5 hi 05.12.08 at 14:16

    hey how do u change my firefox to that one above

  6. 6 j 07.23.08 at 13:33

    Dude it’s cool as hell!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7 Danii.Fuchs 11.16.09 at 08:16


  8. 8 gnkr 12.24.09 at 08:19

    az s1m malko ludo 4ove4e s golqmo 4ushle4e

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