Security at Home Tip of the Week: Family First-Aid Kit

This is the first edition of The Peon’s Security at Home Tip of the Week. I will do my best to publish the Tip of the Week on Tuesdays for now, although I may move it to Sunday’s.

This week is the Family First-Aid Kit. I personally keep 2 first-aid kits: one at home and one in my car. The one at home is not really a kit, but more the necessary supplies in our medicine cabinet. Your home first-aid kit should include adhesive bandages (Band-Aids(tm)), anti-bacterial spray or ointment, gauze pads, roller bandages (AKA a roll of gauze), medical tape, eye bandages, and a pair of rubber gloves. You should also have your pain reliever of choice (Tylenol ™ or aspirin) and at least 3 days worth of any medications you take. You should also have any other quick relief over the counter medications you may use (for heartburn, re-occurring injuries, etc.) You should keep all of these items close together if you don’t have them in a kit. You should keep at least 3 days worth of every thing, so in the event of a major disaster (tornado, flood, hurricane, earth quake, man made disaster), your family can be self sufficient for some time in case emergency crews can’t get to you right away.

The first-aid kit in my car consists of many of the same things as above, but in smaller amounts. I do carry more in my car than most people would need, but I was an EMT and have lots of accident prone people I play sports with. Just with my church group, I have treated a torn nose (he got it caught on another person’s glasses playing Ultimate Frisbee), a severely cut lip (football injury), and a concussion (he just didn’t see the tree he ran into). But I digress. I also keep a tea candle and lighter in the kit. In the winter, you can light the candle and (if it’s not too cold), it should help keep your car just above freezing if you break down. I also keep an emergency blanket (AKA a space blanket) for the same reason as the candle. I personally use more first-aid supplies out of my car than my home, but, as I said before, I know a lot of accident prone people.

The basics of your first aid-kit can be bought as a kit on-line or at a drug store of your choice.  Your kit will evolve over time, but that’s OK, as long as you re-stock what you use, and add what you find out you need.

Look for future editions of the Security at Home Tip of the Week. The tips will be both physical security and emergency management in nature. If you have any questions or suggestions for the Tip of the week, please comment with them. I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge (or research ability).

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