Berry 411

My crackberry addiction just got worse today. I updated Beyond411 to it’s newest version (also changing the name to Berry411. Berry411 now uses my phone’s GPS to find where I am, so I don’t even have to enter my location anymore. This makes it much easier when I’m driving (stoplights are only so long). Berry411 is a free down load and brings together,, Google, and over 200 other plug-ins that are easy to add. I don’t believe Beyond411 is available for other phones, but if you have a BlackBerry, it is a must add piece of software.

On a side note, I also grabbed some wallpaper from Ben Grey’s web site. Being an Umbuntu user, I realy loved the Umbuntu and Linux teamed wallpapers. I need to re-size some of them though, because BlackBerry’s have a larger resolution. Oh well, an other little side project for me.

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