What would you do with 40Gb/s??

A 75 year old woman in Sweden now has the fastest broadband connection on record. 40 gigabytes per second. With that type of speed, my question is, does the average house have a need for that type of speed, and do they have hardware that can keep up with it? Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to be able to download a full length high def movie in 2 seconds flat, though. It turns out that the woman with the 40 gig broadband has never owned a computer before. So, is this rely a good test on what you can do with such a fast connection. I want to know what you would do with that kind of speed…

1 Response to “What would you do with 40Gb/s??”

  1. 1 nick 07.12.07 at 18:07

    Holy Crap!!!! I want it! I don’t care if I need it I want it. I would literally surf the internet if I had that speed!

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