Officialy moved to Word Press

This is my first post of many at my new home. Nick, I should have just listened to you in the first place and moved over here two weeks ago (by the way, thanks again for the header).


7 Responses to “Officialy moved to Word Press”

  1. 1 Ben G. 07.10.07 at 08:42

    you’ll like WordPress a lot more than Blogger, trust me.

  2. 2 nick 07.10.07 at 18:12

    Ditto. Have fun man!

  3. 3 nick 07.10.07 at 18:14

    BTW, I’m working on a new header for you if you want, I was never 100% happy w/ that one.

  4. 4 mwilsonemt 07.10.07 at 19:47

    Cool. You can shoot it to me on pownce if you want.

  5. 6 mwilsonemt 07.11.07 at 12:05

    from your home page, select file (above the text box). You probably want to make sure that private is checked so only I can grab it.

  6. 7 nick 07.11.07 at 17:34

    Cool thanks.

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