Scooter gets out of Prison

I love our country and our government, but one part of it that I can not stand is presidential pardons and commutes. Lewis “Scooter” Libby’s prison sentence was commuted (is that the right word form?) by President Bush on Monday. What this shows me is that providing you are lying to protect the president’s or vice-president’s illegal doings, you are free to lie to the people of your country. There have been many doings of our president that I have disagreed with, but this I think ranks number two (domestic warrant-less wire tapping tops the list). Our president’s actions trumped the justice system. Scooter was found guilty, and will not go to prison. Just for clarification for everyone, a commute differs from a pardon by not clearing the person’s record, but just getting them out of the jail time. Libby’s actions put a CIA operative and any one “employed” buy the front company she used at risk, and disrupted any missions those people were currently involved in. At least none of those operatives had to pay the ultimate sacrifice for Libby’s political agenda.

5 Responses to “Scooter gets out of Prison”

  1. 1 nick 07.05.07 at 15:58

    “(domestic warrant-less wire tapping tops the list)”

    First off, there have been zero (0) reports of “domestic” wire tapping. The only wire tapping that went on were over seas to KNOWN terrorist supporters.

    Second she was outed long before this “Scooter” thing ever happened, by a news magazine, not even anyone related to the White house, I love how the media leavs this crap out.
    Now am I saying he was right to keep his mouth shut? No. But seeing as how he had no real info on the outing, his sentance was a bit harsh, I don’t think he should get off scott free, but it shouldn’t be as bad as they gave him.

  2. 2 Mike 07.06.07 at 08:58

    Nick, Libby spoke to reporter Judith Miller on June 23rd of 2003, Robert D. Novakt received the his information in July. And about the wire tapping, some of the “suspected terrorists” were citizens of the US. Now, don’t get me wrong, our Government should have every right to listen in on these people, but warrants have their purpose. Warrants are in place as a checks and balance system so our citizens, including you and me, don’t have our civil liberties infringed upon wrongly.

  3. 3 Mike 07.06.07 at 09:01

    Ok, so my link is broken (ehh, my first shot at writing a link with HTML), but it can be seen here:

  4. 4 nick 07.06.07 at 09:57

    lol it took me forever to figure out the link code. you are right, i was mistaken the article i was looking at about scooter was out dated.

  5. 5 nick 07.06.07 at 10:04

    i stick by my wire taping comment though.

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