Field Day

As I had posted earlier, this weekend was Field Day. I ended up putting in a lot of hours and I’m still not fully with it. I started set up at 7 a.m. on Saturday and didn’t leave for home until 6 p.m. on Sunday. I only got about three hours of sleep in the back of truck, and got soaking wet trying to set up, but over all, the weekend was worth it. I got to get on the radio some and was able to contact people all over the country, from southern Florida to western Washington. I also got to talk to a hand full people from Canadialand (VE’s in ham lingo, referring to it being the prefix for Canadian Ham’s call signs). We were set up on the top of an old garbage dump which put us up about 200 feet above the average terrain of flat Illinois, which was great for our radio signals. We also had lots of problems during the event. We had two vehicles lose mechanical power on the way out to the site, it was raining the entire morning, someone forgot to connect one of the antennas on top of a fifty foot radio tower (it was funny watching my chief climb the tower when it was half the way down), another on of our antennas wasn’t working right, and we ran out of fuel on one of our generators. After participating in Field Day, I can’t wait until next year!!

2 Responses to “Field Day”

  1. 1 nick 06.25.07 at 15:20

    Sounds fun, That is so amazing that you could talk to people all over the country. That’s awesome.

  2. 2 Lacey 06.26.07 at 23:34

    So your going next year huh? well see about that…….jk jk!!!!!! IM glad you had fun

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