Opera Mini

Opera Mini 4.0 Beta was officially released today. Many of you are probably wondering what Opera Mini is. Opera Mini is a great little (no pun intended) web browser developed for cell phones. Even most smart phones lack in terms of a decent web browser, and Opera Mini is a free, open source fix to that problem. I recommend Opera Mini to every one who has a web accessible phone as it is a fully packed web browser that will take any website and reformat it to fit you phone, while still keeping many of the attributes of the original page that you loose in a standard phone browser. If any one is looking to download Opera Mini, do yourself a favor and start with the older version (3.1 I think) as the new one is only a beta version and 1. doesn’t have all the features the completed version has yet, 2. may have some bugs that need to be worked out. don’t let that stuff make you run away completely though, as that is a normal step in any software release. I have been using Opera Mini 3.1 for about 3 months and love the book mark short cuts and the RSS reader that is built in. It is also very ease to navigate, considering it is on a phone. The little bit of 4.o that I got to play around with today shows that it has potential. one feature lets you see a thumbnail of the page and zoom in directly to the part of the page that you want to go to. I am still keeping the old version on my phone for now though, as 4.0 doesn’t have a RSS feeder YET (the programmers have already stated that will be in the final release, along with many other missing features) and may not work perfectly with some sites, as it will inevitably have some bugs (even though some programmers think they are God, no one is perfect). I challenge all of you who are able to get online with your phone to down load Opera Mini and take it for a test drive. What’s the worst that could happen, you delete it from your phone in a week. On the flip side, you may make your phone a better tool for you to use in this new, technological world that we live in.

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  1. 1 Daniel Goldman 06.19.07 at 20:59

    Most, non-smartphones come with WAP browser, meaning they can’t browse the real web. Opera Mini is almost a must for such phones, if you want access to the full web.

    Opera Software

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