Field Day 2007

March 23 -24 is field day in the amateur radio community. Field day is a time for amateur radio operators (hams) to set up and operate their emergency power stations. Many hams take pride in the fact that they can set up their radios and relay communications to other parts of the country and the world with little more than their radio, an antenna, and a battery or other source of emergency power if they ever had to. Field day is there chance to practice and show off, as the main draw to field day is the contest that most ham clubs participate in. Field day is a 24 hour endurance to make as many contacts (contacting another ham) as possible on as many different modes (type of communication, i.e. AM voice, FM voice, Morris code, and many others) as possible. The contest starts at 1 pm CDT on March 23rd and will end at 1pm CDT on the 24th.

For all of you that are not hams, it is a different hobby. I got into the hobby within the last year, but have been interested in it since high school. I have always loved electronics, and ham radio lets me use electronics and problem solving to produce the best signal I can. I also have met many interesting people from all walks of life and all age groups on the air waves. I would like to eventually get into some of the digital modes of operation which include digital voice, data transfer, and instant messaging type communication. To become licenced, one must study for and take a short test. Help studying and where to take the test can best be found at a local radio club. To find a club near you, see the ARRL link on my main page.

To any one that is even remotely interested in amateur radio, emergency preparedness, or electronics, I challenge you to find a club near you and find out were they will be setting up for field day. Most clubs (there my be a few bad apples) would be more than happy to have you come visit and they could show you around and explain the different types of communications that they are using.

I have not been to a field day before, but I’m anxiously waiting and don’t think it will be a disappointment!!

2 Responses to “Field Day 2007”

  1. 1 nick 06.14.07 at 05:20

    ha nerd!!! But seriously, that sounds pretty cool, can you win stuff?

  2. 2 Mike 06.14.07 at 17:49

    Just awards and bragging rights, but for nerds like me, thats enough!!

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