Life of a peon

I want to apologize in advance for whinning about my job, but I would like to know if anyone else has similar problems to mine.

I supervise a team of contract security officers at a shipping facility. We were hired by the company’s loss prevention department to prevent unauthorized access to the building. I have been in my current role for approximately 5 months and no longer have time to do the work I was originally hired to do. The loss prevention department was is on a hiring freeze and just lost one of the investigators in my area. Because of that, I have now picked up much of her responsibilities at my station. I have no problem doing the work, and actually enjoy it, except for the fact that I am making at least 2-3 dollars an hour less then market value for some one doing the work that I am now doing. It just irritates me that because I am a contracted employee and not an employee of the company, that they feel they can dump all this work on me. I can’t say too much, because as a contracted employee, they could ask my employer to replace me. I am to the point now where I would like to leave and not fill anyone in with whats going on and watch them panic trying to tie up all the loose ends.

The best part about all of this is even though I have only been at this site for 5 months, I know more about the day to day operations that the loss prevention investigators. I want to know how some one is supposed to over see and protect assets when they don’t know the operational procedures of the facility. That would be like casino surveillance not know how to play blackjack, how would they catch all the card cheats??

Well, for now I will leave it up to God if I should stay and seek more money or start to look for something else. Like I said before, I don’t mind the work, I would just like to be compensated appropriately. Then again, in the life of a peon, do we ever get compensated what we are actually worth?

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