What severe weather?

I came across this article while browsing the news today and can’t believe what this world has come to. I don’t know if this guy knew how much trouble he was raising or not, but because of his little “prank,” who knows how many resources were wasted. I work a part time job with a county Office of Emergency Management. One of the many tasks that we are challenged with is working the National Weather Service, local municipalities,and other counties in the area in order to distribute the best information possible from trained weather spotters and citizens that call in. We will always try to check with other spotters in the area and/or compare what they are saying to the radar. This fits very well with my philosophy on a lot of things; Trust but verify. I hope that can catch this guy and give him the maximum sentence. He or she should also be sued for all the man hours that local and county governments payed out for all the man hours that were wasted with these false reports. This just makes me sick.

EDITED: OK, so the Tribune doesn’t like to have their articles linked to or something, so if you go to chicagotribune.com, the article is titled Bogus tips vex meteorologists.

1 Response to “What severe weather?”

  1. 1 nick 06.12.07 at 11:16

    hey it looks as though you gave us a broken link to that article. What’s the deal-eo

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