Open Source Software

I love open source software. How often in this day in age has someone come up to you and said “I have this great product that I want to give you for free. That guy over there is selling the same thing with some very minor differences, but charging $100.00.” That’s basically what open source software is doing for the general public. Now the deal gets even better if you know computer programing, as they will let you change or modify their product as you see fit.

One of the best examples of this is a product called FireFox. FireFox is an open source web browser that runs faster than IE and has had tabs since it was started, unlike IE which just came out with them on the new version. FireFox also has plug-ins and extensions galore that will further expand your time on the Internet. One of these is called Stumble, and is a great way to wast some time. You click a button on you web browser and it will take you to a random site based on conditions you set up. It’s a great way to find new sites.

Another great open source program is Open Office is comparable to M$ Office and comes with a word processor, slide show program, data base, and spread sheet. All files created in Open Office are completely compatible with M$ Office and vise versa. The best side to Open Office is that is a free down load, unlike M$ Office witch will run you $130 for a home or student version.
Gimp is another outstanding open source program. It has all the same capabilities as Photo Shop, but with out the cash. I still have yet to learn this program completely, but I know a lot of people who love to play around with their photos with Gimp.

There are hundreds more open source programs out there, but I fell that these are the three that the average house hold computer should have on it. One of the things that makes all open source programs so good and reliable, is that there is normally a development team that spans world wide and in the thousands. Any time there is a bug or security hole found, the program er who creates the patch will send it to the main development team, who will review it and then distribute an update. This is completely different than a software company that will normally have a small team assigned to each program that may take months to find and repair bugs and security holes.

And to all you folks (if any one actually reads my blog, that is) who feel intimidated by downloading software, its not any harder than downloading a song from iTunes. So go out and get one of the best kept secrets of the computer world.

Now if only some one would give me that flat screen the way open source is giving away software…

2 Responses to “Open Source Software”

  1. 1 nick 06.12.07 at 11:18

    Open Source is a gift from heaven. There is just about nothing you can’t find in open source. Good post.

  2. 2 Mike 06.12.07 at 19:42

    Thanks Nick. Look forward to many more posts about Open Source as I love Open Source projects and try many of them.

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